The company was founded in 1971, and has evolved over the years.
We are able to realize small, lost-wax castings, using ceramic Vacuumetal system, and cast pieces up to 2.5m in height, for large monumental works. In our Fine Artist casting sector, we are capable of accompanying the artist, from the scale-up of the clay model, to the realisation of their artwork.

We offer a purpose-built space and experienced staff, ready to solve any artistic problems which may arise at any stage of the process: armature for the scale-up, type of scale-up, mould-making, wax-cast and retouching, casting, welding, metal-working, engraving and patination. Armatures are the best method of scaling-up artworks, and we use traditional methods and more innovative 3D scanning method, as well as making models in polystyrene or resin.

We collaborate with a studio of engineers, who provide Stability Test certificates, and certify the stainless steel armature, which goes inside the bronze sculpture. This collaboration allows us to offer our customers transport and installation of their sculpture, anywhere in the world, thus assisting the artist throughout the entire process to the presentation of their artworks.

In the realm of silver-smithing we are capable of realising pieces, from the smallest to the largest, hollow statue, in various carats (carat guaranteed). With brass and bronze, we are able to execute castings using the ceramic Vacuumetal system, which can be employed for the smallest to the largest fixtures and fittings, in various of silver, brass or bronze alloys. Our castings are free from acid residues, thanks to our specially designed alloys.

Any artists, silversmiths and bronze artists, who may wish, are welcome to make an appointment to visit the foundry. It would give us great pleasure to introduce you to our team and demonstrate our work.
For information or quotes please contact us via email.